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American bio-Recovery association

Companies and technicians that are certified by ABRA have been properly trained and hold a 
Crime Scene Cleaning Certification.  They are also  trained in how to approach a horrific and graphic scene in order to clean and sanitize and in what order to use chemicals and equipment in order to minimize the time on the job. By using ABRA certified companies’ property owners and managers can also have the peace of mind in the fact that the situation is being cleaned properly, verses a person or company that has not put the time nor investment into training, education, certifications and purchasing the right equipment and supplies.

Another reason to use ABRA trained personal is the reduction in liability. Diseases and bacteria are a very high potential and a reality in this business. The medical cost to vaccinate staff members is expensive and the expense of vaccinating new employee’s with high turnover. It is a very high occurrence when property managers utilize their own staff to clean a graphic scene; they end up losing that staff member and having to replace them. ABRA certified firms are required to show proof of maintaining proper insurance, OSHA compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen training records, respirator fit testing, proper handling of biohazardous waste and other laws or requirements  in order to keep a good standing with the American Bio-Recovery Association aka ABRA.

 Just pick up the phone and call the ABRA Company closest to you or ABRA’s toll free international number at 1(888)979-2272 OR check out our National Crime Scene Cleaning Providers all over North America for professional results.

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